High Jewelry

Creations of pure poetry, inspired by the mesmerizing beauty of life—each masterpiece is a triumphant homage to divine artistry and the invisible hands at work in nature.

Belle de Nuit

In the evening, a thousand lights bloom across the city like bouquets under the starry sky.

Emerging from this luminescent spring is the woman — basking in the laughter of friendship and the colorful spectacles of art and culture, she radiates natural elegance.


As soft as a whisper, as free and fleeting as a passing breeze, and as light as a ray of sunshine – bubbles fly with our imagination and soar with our dreams, creating a momentary thrill that will always be remembered.

Bollicine inspires sparkling jewelry of gold, diamonds, and South Sea pearls – more lasting than bubbles, but still endowed with a sense of fragility and wonder that makes them a sheer delight to wear.

The most vibrant of colors emerge to form an unexpected mosaic of geometric harmony. Golden South Sea pearls are interspersed in dramatic swirls of colored gems, creating a bold statement for the contemporary woman.

Dolce Rosa

Unconscious beauty is awakened in a stunning reincarnation of the timeless rose. Scintillating petals unfurl in pavé diamonds, blossoming with the pearl at its heart. Each sparkling flower is an unforgettable treasure, a sumptuous feast of nature and romance.


Sleek forms adorned with sparkling diamonds are linked with one-of- a-kind South Sea pearls—their magnificent shapes, delicately birthed by nature and ardently sculpted by time.

Combining the pearl’s gentle curves with modern silhouettes, the Gorgeous Collection presents jewelry crowned by a rare spectacle of nature.


Perspective becomes the essence of beauty in a collection that links both reality and dreams.

Exquisite gold and brilliant diamonds play with perception through volume, lights, and patterns.

At the center of this fulfilled world of illusion the golden South Sea pearl remains, bright and tangible as ever.


La Mer en Majesté

When the universe of the sea inspires the artist’s imagination, what transpires is a poetry of creation: the world of La Mer en Majesté. Jewelry creations are inspired by the foam that forms in the water, the color of triumphant skies, and the colorful beings playing in the water’s secret world.

Where the sea is muse, the collection is a joyous homage to the home of the golden South Sea pearl.


Shimmering curves undulated around the Queen of Gems as a breathtaking homage to the gold-lipped, Pinctada maxima oyster.


A golden treasure gleams, bursting from the surface of the water, the pelagia ring is a feast for eyes with a golden South Sea pearl set amongst blue sapphires, in contrast to dramatic black and white diamonds in a swirl of 18-karat white gold.

With exquisite detailing that stems from the pavé setting and a bejeweled mouth that moves with a single touch, the luxurious creation is an aquatic masterpiece that boasts the rich bounty of the seas.

Madame de Pompadour

With profound intelligence and refined creativity, Madame de Pompadour forever transformed the landscape of French culture. Both creator and patroness, she fostered French art with sophistication, her influence resonating to the present day.

This collection takes inspiration from the legacy of this extraordinary historical figure and cultural tastemaker, featuring brilliant swirls and jewels emulating the same vibrant energy that has captivated imaginations for centuries.


For centuries, ethereal flowers have adorned the exquisite stained glass windows of the world’s grandest cathedrals, enshrined by artists as a tribute to the heavens. The same intricate workmanship gives life to a collection of beautiful rings, earrings, and pendants reminiscent of the subtle delicacy of lace as well as the graceful lines of fine sculpture—true jewels of divine inspiration.


In between the worlds of earth and water, the water-lily blooms, revealing its beauty to the sun, while its leaves hide the precious life beneath the pond. From the wonder of this water-flower comes a collection that celebrates the pearl, a jewel once hidden at the heart of the ocean.


What wonders can be born when you combine two masterpieces of improvisation and serendipity?

Toccata, the virtuoso piece of swift, lighthearted music born in the Renaissance and Baroque periods, was meant to showcase a performer’s gifts.

Baroque pearls, gems with unusual and dramatic silhouettes, are unexpected free expressions of nature, giving rise to unorthodox jewels that have long fired the imaginations of artists.

Together, these exquisite elements combine to create a collection of unique, free-flowing pieces full of creative surprises and unexpected delights.


From the richest forests touched by golden sunbeams and flourishing foliage, comes a collection echoing the beauty of the natural world.

Precious stones, sparkling gold, and South Sea pearls tell of how Mother Nature should be treasured and respected—and how she returns the favor with gifts of abundance and grandeur.

Via Rosa

Smooth, glistening curvature creates open petals that let light and air flow through this noble flower. In a geometric ode to the universally beloved rose, the South Sea pearl serves as a glowing pulse that centers a collection of vivacious creations.