La Mer en Majesté

When the universe of the sea inspires the artist’s imagination, what transpires is a poetry of creation: the world of La Mer en Majesté. Jewelry creations are inspired by the foam that forms in the water, the color of triumphant skies, and the colorful beings playing in the water’s secret world.

Where the sea is muse, the collection is a joyous homage to the home of the golden South Sea pearl.

La Mer en Majesté (La Vague)

A swirling, shimmering foam of light envelopes then recedes from the shore, bringing with it a most generous gift from the sea. Just as in a fleeting dream, the elusive spirit of creation flows in and out of each intricately sculpted curve of gold. Extraordinary both in its radiance and its rarefied beauty, the Golden South Sea pearl hangs delicately out of reach—as if it could slip away at any moment.

One gold, button South Sea pearl (16.30mm) and 1.812 carats diamonds set in 18-karat yellow gold

La Mer en Majesté (Ocean Gift)

Out of the water’s enchanting depths shines a brilliant treasure. A sparkling gem is gently cradled by the delicate seagrass softly swaying to the swoons of water. In thoughtful poetry, the Ocean Gift exalts this extraordinary moment where, from the seabed, a glimmer of vibrance rises to meet the sun.

18.38 carats Rubellite and 3.597 carats diamonds set in 18k yellow gold

La Mer en Majesté (Sous l’Océan)

The Sous l’Océan necklace, a harmonious creation of gold and diamonds, takes inspiration from the synchronic flow of fish and their seamless underwater choreography.

1 white, baroque South Sea pearl (21.30 mm) and 7.297 carat diamonds set in 18-karat white gold.