Strand Guide

Strand Guide - Collar


12-13 in or 30-33 cm
A single strand that hugs the neck, the collar gives a subtle, refined look that goes well with bare or V-necklines.

Strand Guide - Choker


12-13 in or 30-33 cm
14-16 in or 35-40 cm
As one of the most versatile lengths, this classic single strand of pearls makes the neck appear longer and complements any outfit.

Strand Guide - Princess


17-19 in or 43-48 cm
This mid-length strand is suited to a crew or high neckline, or when hung with an eye-catching pendant.

Strand Guide - Matinee


20-24 in or 50-60 cm
This strand can complement a casual look as well as business and evening ensembles.

Strand Guide - Opera


28-34 in or 71-86 cm
Worn with a high neckline, this single strand falls to the bottom of the breastbone and can double as a two-strand choker.

Strand Guide - Rope


45 in and longer or 115 cm and longer
A favorite of fashion legends, this length makes for an elegant modern look with a touch of vintage flair.

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