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Cookies are pieces of data, normally stored in text files, that websites place on visitors' computers to store a range of information, usually specific to that visitor - or rather the device they are using to view the Site - like the browser or mobile phone.

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How do We use Cookies?

We may place some cookies that enable You to personalize Your experience on the Site, tell Us which parts of the Site You often visit, help Us measure the effectiveness of the Site’s contents, and give Us insights on how You use them so We can improve our communications and products.

  1. Cookies Support Basic Website Functionality: Some cookies are functional and necessary cookies that support essential features of the Site, such as storing Your shopping cart selections while You continue to shop and navigate to different pages of the Site.


  1. Cookies Can Help Improve the Quality of the Site and Related Services: Cookies collect information (including sometimes IP address) to assess how You use our website, so that We can improve the navigability of the Site and provide You with better experience. We use this information to:

  • Provide aggregate and anonymous statistics on how the Site is used;
  • See how effective Our advertisements are by identifying where You click and from which external website You arrived;
  • Provide feedback to carefully selected third party partners that one of Our visitors also visited their website;
  • Help Us improve the site by capturing errors in Your browsing experience;
  • Provide You with improved site functionality by allowing access to additional services or restoring Your shopping cart if You wish to return on a subsequent browsing session.

  1. Cookies May Share Information with Our Carefully Chosen Third-Party Partners: Third-party cookies may share information with partners to provide services on the Site. The information shared is only to be used to provide the service or function (such as social media “like” and “share” buttons). Certain third-party cookies can be used to offer a customized user experience, by providing You with interest-based services (“Interest-Based Advertising”) both on the Site and on some other websites as well. Some of these customized browsing experiences may be linked to services provided by third parties which provide these services to recognize that You have visited the Site. This information is used to inform You of Our products and offerings which may be of interest to You. These cookies may also link to social media networks such as Facebook or provide advertising agencies with information about Your visit so that they can present You with advertisements for Our products and offerings which may be of interest to You.

The Cookies We Set

Form Submission related cookies

When You submit data or through a form such as those found on contact pages, cookies may be set to remember Your user details for future correspondence.

Web Analytics related Cookies

These are third party cookies that may track activities such as the time You spend viewing our Site and the pages that You often visit so We can continue to produce engaging content. Rest assured that the information these cookies collect will not personally identify You.

What are Your options with Our cookies?

You have a number of options on how to manage Our cookies. Through Your browser settings, You can accept, refuse or delete cookies. However, if You choose to delete or refuse to accept cookies, some or all of the functions on our website may not be available to You. To change Your browser cookies settings, You may visit the following support pages:

More Information

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Updated as of May 5, 2020