Angel Wings

Soaring through the air, angels exemplify marvelous strength and protection. Sleek wings with golden feathers are sculpted with mindful artistry in this collection, creating currents of poetry as lustrous curves catch the light.


Lapis Lazuli once journeyed across lands to inspire artists with a deep, luminous blue, allowing them to paint the color of the sky. This intense, ethereal shade combined with the calming blue of the South Sea inspire the Azur collection.

Belle De Nuit

In the evening, a thousand lights bloom across the city like bouquets under the starry sky. Emerging from this luminescent spring is the woman — basking in the laughter of friendship and the colorful spectacles of art and culture, she radiates natural elegance.


Imbued with lightness and joie de vivre, Berlingot hearkens to the childhood sensation of holding sweets in your hand.


With its lustrous golden pearls and sparkling diamonds, Bollicine draws inspiration from the playful bubbles of the shimmering South Sea.


Reminiscent of the 15th century ships that sailed in orderly lines, the Caravelles collection revisits the orderly formation of the grand historic vessels. Each piece features the signature golden pearls linked together by elegant gold chains.


Made only in one storied region of France, the “wine of kings” has been present at celebrations and milestones for hundreds of years. Golden and effervescent, it has come to symbolize wonderful memories, overflowing joy, triumph, and sheer love of life. The bubbles that give this well-loved drink its unique sparkle and spirit now adorn exquisite pieces that capture a moment of joy in precious metal and brilliant jewels.


Picture the fiery brilliance of a blazing comet illuminating the sky. Comète evokes the wild and fierce passion in every woman.


The horizon is the line where the earth meets the sky—and imagine: crossing it is the silhouette of a ship, sailing softly into the wind. Inspired by an ancient vessel that had once carried the weight of man as it glided into the water, Jewelmer’s Cruise collection embodies the thrill and ease of exploration. Where water is the central symbol of life, a boat evokes the beauty of working with the currents.


Evoking branches blowing in the wind or a leaf glistening with precious morning dew,golden blooms and vines express the enchantment of a natural encounter. Giverny revisits the secret garden of Claude Monet, a master impressionist who took inspiration from the harmony of life and the magnificence of nature.

Goutte d'Or

Suffused with tenderness and vivid fantasy, Goutte d’Or embodies the poetry of humanity embedded in the magic of time and nature. A smooth cone of gold blooms into a luminous pearl, creating the geometric harmony of a raindrop where memory meets imagination.


Perspective becomes the essence of beauty in a collection that links both reality and dreams. Exquisite gold and brilliant diamonds play with perception through volume, lights, and patterns. At the center of this fulfilled world of illusion the golden South Sea pearl remains, bright and tangible as ever.

L’ete en Ville

A blade of light cuts through the looming skyscrapers, sending ripple effects on the mirrored glass of their towers. A gust of wind causing a gentle calm on the palm trees; its leaves waving back and forth in a fluid motion. Precious moments captured in rays of golden light and one forgets, for an instance, the bustle of this urban jungle.

La Chance

Along the La Chance collection’s fluid contours flows an endless wealth of meaning. Golden magic weaves itself around one’s body like a mantle of fortuity and wonder, inviting in a stream of harmony. Crafted with the diverse sublimity of the human experience in mind, this collection welcomes perpetual possibilities and enchantment that transcend time.

La Mer en Majestè

Life begins with the breath of water. Sunbeams softly filter through the surface of the ocean, illuminating a spectacle found beneath. When the universe of the sea inspires the artist’s imagination, what transpires is a poetry of creation: the world of La Mer en Majesté. A humming wind, a soft fantastical mist—pendants are inspired by the foam that forms in the water. A necklace is conjured from the dance of the currents. Its gentle curve mimics the wave’s flow and movement, while the blue and gold of the ocean reflects the color of triumphant skies. Beneath the waves are creatures that run a full spectrum of colors. A beautiful interplay of pearls and the colors of life at sea, rings evoke the ocean’s treasures, the radiant beings playing in the water’s secret world. Where the sea is muse, every piece highlights a most precious creation birthed in the kingdom. La Mer en Majesté is a joyous homage to the home of the rare golden South Sea pearl.

Le Monde Des Chapeaux

Discover a world of pearls brought to life, filled to the brim with delight. From practicality to pure adornment, hats have evolved into iconic symbols of occupation, personal style and unforgettable moments. Every pendant evokes a special memory, as we make golden South Sea pearls travel through time, playful and refined in crafted hats of yellow gold. Each unique piece adds a personal touch to your very own gem, a truly enchanting way to remember.

Les Classiques

True classics withstand the test of time. With their simplicity and elegance, they are beyond trends, as desired today as when they were first created. Essential jewelry pieces are the foundations of every stylish woman’s collection.

Les Mignonnes

Whether they are dangling from delicate leaves or pretty golden bows, these pearls add a sweet innocent touch to your look.

Madame de Pompadour

Paying homage the flamboyance and charisma of an unforgettable historical figure, beloved of kings and patroness of the arts, this stunning collection celebrates the spirit of femininity, and the very pinnacle of French style. Brilliant swirls and jewels set in undulating lines echo the sensual female form, while remaining warm and whimsical—a fitting tribute to a visionary who inspired a nation.

Mon Secret

The deep, mysterious ocean and nature’s mystical powers of creation come together to make a gem that is unique.

Mother & Child

The warmth of life radiates through the bond between a mother and a child. Crafted with golden South Sea pearls, the collection evokes an image of a loving embrace and a cherished connection. With each pendant created with 18-karat gold and diamonds, we conjure a world as powerful as a mother’s love.


Jewelmer unravels magic in the form of golden pendants. The Noël collection captures the joys of the holidays and brings darling characters to life. Each pendant is a charming sculpture, delicately fashioned by hand and created from a moment’s fantasy. With imaginative designs, the South Sea pearl evokes warmth and playfulness in this season of enchantment.

Pearl of Hope

Environmental conservation has always been at the core of the Jewelmer brand. As the South Sea pearl can only thrive in a rich marine environment, each living gem is a testament to how man can live and work in harmony with nature. With the Pearl of Hope, Jewelmer now passes on this defining creative spirit from maker to wearer, from creator to creator. The world that makes a perfect pearl is a work of art that each one lends a hand in building.

Petits Coeurs

The golden South Sea pearl becomes a universal expression of love. Bringing together lightness, grace and charm, each piece is a pathway to the most precious emotions. The golden pearl lives on, as does love in the purest form. Bright and exceptional, adorning everyday life with its warmth.


Imagine a constellation of golden pearls illuminating a dark sky, linked for eternity by invisible bonds that shift and sparkle with the movement of the heavens, while remaining steadfast and sure. Inspired by 19th-century style and refined with a modern, minimalist aesthetic, these fine jewellery pieces seamlessly follow the curves on a woman’s neck, creating the stunning illusion of pearls linked by sparkling diamonds floating in space. Highly skilled artisans of divine patience and meticulous precision draw from their artistic sensibilities, leading them to hand create the jewellery of breathtaking simplicity and sheer brilliance.


Throughout the ages, the swan has been the embodiment of beauty and the symbol of purity of the soul. In this most elegant and enigmatic of animals, the elements of earth, air, and water meet and find visible and graceful form. The swan’s long, curving neck and regal carriage have inspired musicians and artists for generations. Its most endearing traits have found renewed expression in earrings marked by curving lines, fluid, natural movement, and ethereal simplicity.


The earth perpetually renews itself, teeming with beauty and bounty. The golden South Sea pearl inspires a delightful hive of molded gold, as rich as honey. Easy, graceful settings captivate the senses in an ode to the world’s endless creations. Constantly transforming, significantly gratifying, in a collection that portrays nature in all its majesty.

Voile D'Or

The streaming curvature of sails inspire this light collection with graceful swirls of precious gold where the beauty of pearls set with brilliant diamonds are only the beginning of the journey.


In the elegant assembly of pearls resting on a backdrop of diamonds and gold, each piece portrays a Zen garden, where pebbles, light, and water conjure serenity and mystique. The surface of the jewelry projects the play of light and movement, like nature’s riveting elements in a state of endless dance.

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