The Radiance of Love

It is said that love is precious, a sublime treasure with an indescribable golden hue.

The warmth of love radiates through spectacular golden South Sea pearls. A radiant token evocative of the beauty and rarity of eternal compassion, this living gem reminds us that love is the very essence of life.


Crafted with golden South Sea pearls, the Everlasting Light of Love creations are a translation of the extraordinary flames of love, pieces that transcend time and embody the precious gold found within one’s heart.

The Radiance Pendant is the essence of the graceful relationship of light and reflection. Where intriguing texture and refinement meet, the Poetry Pendant animates one’s heart through golden purity and quiet elegance.


Each creation is a golden materialization of love, an everlasting moment of life and exquisite splendor. Life is the golden color for which love is its beautiful luster.

With each piece made with lustrous gold, we conjure a world as powerful as love itself.

Caring for our community is at the core of Jewelmer and builds the foundation of the maison. For the month of February, a portion of proceeds from a minimum single-receipt purchase of $1,000 will be donated to the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation to rebuild homes in Mandaue, Cebu, and Lapu Lapu through shelter kits.