The Living Gem: Caring for the South Sea Pearl

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As living gems, pearls require delicate care. Proper maintenance, from attentive handling to creating the ideal environment, sustains this gem’s unique brilliance for years to come.

The best and most exciting way to keep this gem’s luster is to wear your pearl jewelry often. Not only does wearing them elevate every look, but the pearl’s regular exposure to the body’s natural oils keeps the gem’s surface lustrous. As an organic gem, the pearl can also interact with the surrounding elements, so it is best to prevent it from coming into contact with perfume and chemicals.

After every wear, remember to gently wipe the pearls with a soft, dry cloth before storing them in a cool environment with sufficient air moisture. A small glass of water may be kept inside the jewelry storage to allow adequate humidity. Ideally, your pearls should be stored separately from other jewelry to prevent scratching.

Since the beginning of its journey, the pearl has always recorded every gesture of care from the pearl farmers, and every change in its environment. Now that the pearl, after over 5 years, has made its way to you, it is your turn to add to this gem’s incredible story by wearing it and caring for it in your perfectly unique way.