Pearls for Power Dressing

Pearls are emblems of strength, femininity, and elegance. Dating back to the time of Elizabeth I, when the English queen expressed power and beauty in the form of strands of pearls, the living gems have made statements throughout history, adorning the woman on top of her game.


To complement the more modern silhouettes of everyday workwear, Jewelmer’s creations assume more contemporary styles: combining the poetry of French design with Asian sensibilities. A versatile gem, it is for the modern woman on the move: taking her from corporate brunches to enchanting evening galas.


Jewelmer Pearl Ring


A pair of pearl studs are a woman’s everyday essential, matching everything from elegant basics to louder prints. Rather than simply drawing attention to the precious gem, jewelry that highlights the ardor and simplicity of the pearl magnifies a woman’s radiance. When a woman wears a pearl, it is she who glows.


Jewelmer Bracelet


The pearl’s lustrous golden hue lends a refreshing touch of color to break the monotony of neutrals. As opposed to stacks of bangles, a bracelet with minimalist design makes for a more comfortable work companion.


Jewelmer Pearl Necklace and Ring


Office staples and even androgynous looks need not always appear too serious. While corporate meetings may call for boxy, streamlined silhouettes, pearl jewelry that feature hearts and blooms can provide a touch of play and lightness to an otherwise austere ensemble.