Jewelmer Unveils its Rarest Strand of Golden Pearls

“This strand surpasses our highest expectations,” says Jewelmer Executive Vice President and Deputy CEO Jacques Christophe Branellec. “It’s the unfolding of a miracle.”

South Sea pearls have long captured the world’s imagination with their golden gleam, emblems of elegance honoring the place from where they hail. Reaped from the waters of Palawan, a single pearl is in itself already a discovery and a cause for celebration, for it takes 377 steps and five years to see if a single pearl, normally in the size of 10 to 13 mm, would emerge from its mother oyster.

On the rarest occasions, a pearl emerges in the exceptional size of 16 to 18 mm, with a flawless surface and a perfect round form, a spectral fragment of perfection. Stringing together these most precious golden pearls matched according to shape, size, color, and luster, Jewelmer unveils The Palawan strand, created and completed within the span of 37 years.

“Palawan is one of the most sensitive marine environments in the world. It’s the centre of biodiversity,” says Branellec. “This is the place that bore this strand.” Each creation is only as immaculate as the place where it was bred. The pearls of The Palawan strand mirror the beauty of the Philippines’ last frontier, and honor the people who have devoted their lives to preserve the purity of the place.

“When the people from our farms saw The Palawan strand, a lot of them were in tears,” says Branellec, for each pearl embodies their life’s joy, passion, and dedication—its royal, golden lustre radiates a people’s triumphant spirit.

We serve not as owners but as stewards of a rare treasure, a vessel of heritage and hope for a future generation. With it, Jewelmer unveils a miracle, an enduring legacy encapsulated in a golden strand.