Jewelmer pays tribute to the Philippine national gem with a short film

In celebration of Jewelmer’s 40th year anniversary and recently unveiled rebranding, the luxury jeweler presents a short film inspired by the living gem, the golden South Sea pearl.

Starring none other than Solenn Heussaff-Bolzico as its muse, the video centers on the multi-talented French-Filipina artist and actress as she explores Palawan adorned in luminous Jewelmer creations.

The perfect choice for the film’s starring role, Solenn’s natural confidence and innate beauty are what make her a truly modern Jewelmer woman.

For Solenn, “Jewelmer means elegance not just in appearance but in actions. The Jewelmer woman is confident without being loud, she does not need to follow trends or listen blindly. She shares her happiness with others and shines bright because of who she is.”

Set against a spectacular backdrop of white sand beaches, limestone cliffs, and azure waters, Solenn basks in the natural energy and beauty that surrounds her. Taking a plunge into the sea, she emerges from its waters as effortlessly radiant as she entered.

The concept of the short film reflects the flow and energy that exists between Mother Nature, Jewelmer’s pearl farm, and every individual who works to nurture and create each rare and awe-inspiring work of art.

“I love Jewelmer’s brand vision that believes in working hand in hand with nature. Jewelmer does not know the meaning of "I" but more of "WE”. People from different walks of life are united by one gem from nature that reminds us that we are one”, says Solenn.