Icons of Fortune

Celebrating the Lunar New Year, Jewelmer unravels the enchantment of a knot.  Either chronicling moments or heralding the magic of luck, knots have long been mystical icons linking the memories of last year to the marvels of the next.

The Eight Golden Knots collection re-imagines eight universal knots. Among which are the Virtue Knot bequeathing strength, the fabled Heracles knot lauded for its healing charm, and the Mystic knot symbolizing wisdom and prosperity. Indestructible knots are linked to the whimsical keshi pearl, like finding luck in the union of certainty and chance.

With eight incarnations, golden bracelets evoke the allure of the lucky number 8: the emblem of infinity, symmetry, and balance. The collection is an ode to fortune and the poetry of time.