Gifts of Goodwill

The holidays are a time of celebration and reflection — recollections of cherished moments, personal triumphs, and the enriching experiences that have defined and shaped us.

For Jewelmer, the festive season begins with the much-awaited Noël Pendant. A covetable creation that highlights the golden beauty of the precious South Sea pearl, a living gem that recalls the maison’s pursuit of elegance.

This year, a portion of proceeds from purchases of the Noël Pendant will benefit the Child Protection Network Foundation. Established in 2002, the organization is dedicated to safeguarding children in the Philippines and throughout Asia. Comprising a vast network of doctors, social workers, lawyers, police, and volunteers, the foundation provides medical, legal, and psychosocial care to ensure the safety and welfare of children in need.

The Noël Pendant evokes the warmth and light that Christmastime brings — a season made more meaningful with generous hearts.