Gems of Inspiration

Woven into every layer of the pearl are stories of discovery, courage, and resilience. Through its unique luster, every pearl tells an inspiring tale of passion and creation, from the hands of skilled craftsmen to the grace of the sea.

Refined expressions of the stories of the golden South Sea pearl are Jewelmer’s Pearl of Hope, Life, and Courage bracelets — celebrations of the intangible connections that enrich human lives, and inspire us to live each day to the fullest.

The Pearl of Hope bracelet is as a pledge: We do not create the perfect pearl; we create the world that makes it. Part of the proceeds of this deep blue bracelet will benefit the Save Palawan Seas Foundation which champions environmental conservation and provides sustainable livelihood in Palawan communities.

With its vibrant red cord, the Pearl of Life bracelet, is a celebration of joy and vitality. It is a powerful reminder of the value of life and living with intention.

The Pearl of Courage bracelet is a reminder of the beauty that can be discovered in profound strength. Like the luster of the golden South Sea pearl, an inspiring light shines from the depths of a pure heart and spirit.

Each with its own meaningful color, these bracelets are radiant symbols of the brilliant world illuminated by the golden South Sea pearl — by their very nature, gems of inspiration, to share with the gems in our lives.