Auspicious Emblems

Mark a bountiful start to the Year of the Rabbit with Jewelmer’s South Sea pearl creations — golden talismans of success and longevity.

From Chinese folktales of dragons bearing pearls in their mouths to historical icons like Empress Dowager Cixi and her revered appreciation for pearls, the lustrous living gem has long been regarded as a symbol of wealth and prosperity.

Welcome new beginnings with the Auspicious 8 collection, where legendary creatures and luck-attracting emblems cradle golden South Sea pearls, imbuing success and enlightenment to those who adorn them.

Invite a radiant world of opportunities with the Four Blessings creations — icons of vitality that summon fortuity and the promise of enchanting possibilities.

Share the gi of good fortune with your loved ones for the Lunar New Year and beyond with Jewelmer’s South Sea pearls — golden tokens that evoke strength, wisdom, and spiritual energy.