A Joyous Homage

Jewelmer welcomes the festive season with the much-awaited Noël pendant, capturing the holiday spirit of delight and grace. This anticipated collection unravels the magic of the holidays  in the form of golden pendants.

Each pendant is a charming sculpture, delicately fashioned by hand. With imaginative designs, the South Sea pearl evokes warmth and playfulness in this season of enchantment.

During this time of celebration, this highly coveted pendant is a gift of gold to treasure and bequeath. It highlights the rare and precious South Sea pearl, a classic symbol of elegance and enchantment.

A beautiful gift that comes from the heart, the Noël Pendant is meaningful in more ways than one. With every purchase of the exquisite Noël Pendant from December 1-31, 2021, a portion of the proceeds will go to MovEd Foundation, a non-profit organization providing early childhood care and development programs to underserved communities in the Philippines.

“People get intimidated when you mention donating to charity because they feel like they have to give a huge amount in order to make a difference. When in reality small amounts compounded make an equal amount of difference,” says MovEd founder Alexandra Madrigal Eduque. “Every time someone wears the Noël Pendant, they will know that with this 'I was able to send a child to school.'”

This illuminating piece goes beyond gift-giving, it is an emblem of love, celebration, and support to those around us.

Through partnering with the MovEd Foundation in its mission to empower the Filipino youth, Jewelmer is given the opportunity to extend the holiday’s blessings to other individuals and pave the way for a brighter future.