A Dream in Paris

“Paris is a moveable feast,” goes novelist Ernest Hemingway’s immortal line. Like any artist who kindled a passion for the City of Light, Hemingway hints at a fact we know to be true: Paris isn’t so much a place but a dream you carry with you.



Jewelmer’s La Parisienne captures the memories made all around this fabled city. In 1858, the first couture house opened in Rue de la Paix, which quickly became a gathering place for high society and enduringly influenced the world of fashion. In the Belle Epoque, painters and performers spent spirited nights at the Moulin Rouge and captured an era in their works of art. In Montmartre, artists continue to attract the attention of travelers who revel in the district’s free-spirited hilltop village, as lively today as it was in the 1800s.



More stories come alive with every golden icon: the tower, the windmill, the lock, and many others. Jewelmer began as a French-Filipino brand with its craftsmanship firmly rooted in the heritage of Place Vendome in Paris. Let this collection borne of art and the immortal Parisian spirit inspire you to live in passion.