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Spring/Summer 2017 collections
La Parisienne Collection - Jewelmer Joaillerie

La parisienne

Delicate keshi pearls with golden charms encapsulate the pleasures of a day in Paris: morning coffee within view of the Eiffel Tower, couture shops lining Rue de la Paix, or a spirited evening at the Moulin Rouge. Displaying icons that lend the place its fabled charm, La Parisienne captures the eternal allure of an enchanting city.

Luminescence Collection - Jewelmer Joaillerie


Radiant gold on a mosaic of diamonds evokes reflections cast by light, romancing the water and its dancing waves.  Pearls echo the moon and sun, a world between peacefulness and waking. In the mingling of nature’s elements—the light, the sea, and the skies beyond—Luminescence eternalizes a spectral gesture and a moment’s dream.

Zen pearl necklace - Jewelmer Joaillerie


Amidst symmetrical ripples, a perfect duality of textures, and evenly spaced circles of light, a golden pearl floats in tranquility – a masterwork of breathtaking simplicity.

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Jewelmer Joaillerie

A tour of Paris through its golden icons

The city of Paris has played host to many of history’s grandest moments, and has figured in many well-loved films, books, and other works of the imagination. Add to this, Jewelmer has captured the glint and allure of the city through the playful charms of La Parisienne.  As we celebrate the spirit of France this…

Japan showcases Filipino artistry with Rajo Laurel and Jewelmer

For the first time since 1964, the Philippine Embassy in Japan hosted a momentous fashion show presenting the best of Philippine culture. Honouring the inauguration of a new Philippine ambassador in Japan, Jose C. Laurel V, in time for Philippine Independence Day, the event showcased two of the country’s foremost icons: leading Filipino designer Rajo…

Jewelmer’s ad campaign highlights the pearl of the modern woman

In its 38 years of captivating the world of fashion with its golden pearls, international luxury brand Jewelmer Joaillerie has not only championed exquisite craftsmanship; it has inspired a lifestyle—one which celebrates romance, luxury, and the spirit of a woman. This 2017, Jewelmer launches its ad campaign highlighting the modern woman, depicted through a video and…