The whimsical world of charms

There is always an air of whimsy surrounding the figure of a swaying charm. Worn on the wrist or as a pendant, it may serve as a humble memento of summers spent on a coast in Paris or perhaps a tiny relic recalling a dream when you were little.

Here, we round up the playful ways to wear a woman’s cherished accessory. Linked with golden pearls and attached to colorful leather and luminous gold chains, charms evoke a woman’s character and playful spirit. They capture a memory and, if you will, an element of magic.

Layered Chains

Wear two chains with varying lengths, each holding a golden pendant: a South Sea pearl linked with different charms. Peeking from a casual button-down shirt or worn with a couture dress with a flattering neckline, layered necklaces convey elegance with subtlety.


Double Pendants

Combine the timeless glamour of a golden pearl with a charm reminiscent of a personal encounter: a trip, a birthday, or a romance remembered. On one chain, pair your smaller, playful pendant with a pearl from the Les Classiques collection.  Personal and expressive, wearing it isn’t only a statement but an intimate gesture.

Colored Leather


There’s something about a charm bracelet that echoes childhood’s colorful years. For a more playful take on the classic favorite, attach your golden charms to black and colored leather bracelets from the Mon Secret collection or to a white iteration from Le Monde des Chapeaux.


Golden Bracelet

With radiant rings, the golden chain from the Mon Secret collection can carry multiple charms representing milestones in a woman’s life. Turning memorable occasions into wearable art, a golden charm bracelet can be worn during occasions as special as those immortalized in playful charms.

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