Bollicine - south sea pearl necklace set


With its lustrous golden pearls and sparkling diamonds, Bollicine draws inspiration from the playful bubbles of the shimmering South Sea.


Adorning a radiant bride on a day when promises are set in stone…

Caravelles Collection - Golden South Sea Pearls


The swift, sleek ships of the 15th and 16th centuries that sailed in smooth, orderly lines in search of new…

Comète - south sea pearl ring


Picture the speed and brilliance of a heavenly body, searing a fiery path across the sky…

Guimard Collection - Jewelmer Joaillerie


Linear beauty expands in space and volume for a precious delight that references the best of French Art Nouveau…

Illusion Collection - Golden South Sea Pearls


Perspective becomes the essence of beauty in a collection that links both reality and dreams.

La Parisienne Collection - Jewelmer Joaillerie

La parisienne

Delicate keshi pearls with golden charms encapsulate the pleasures of a day in Paris: morning coffee within view of the Eiffel Tower, couture shops lining Rue de la Paix, or a spirited evening at the Moulin Rouge. Displaying icons that lend the place its fabled charm, La Parisienne captures the eternal allure of an enchanting…
Les classiques Collection - Golden South Sea Pearls

Les classiques

True classics withstand the test of time. With their simplicity and elegance, they are beyond trends, as desired today…

Les mignonnes Collection - Golden South Sea Pearls

Les mignonnes

Whether they are dangling from delicate leaves or pretty golden bows, these pearls add a sweet innocent touch to your look.

Luminescence Collection - Jewelmer Joaillerie


Radiant gold on a mosaic of diamonds evokes reflections cast by light, romancing the water and its dancing waves.  Pearls echo the moon and sun, a world between peacefulness and waking. In the mingling of nature’s elements—the light, the sea, and the skies beyond—Luminescence eternalizes a spectral gesture and a moment’s dream.

Mon secret - south sea pearl pendant

Mon secret

The deep, mysterious ocean and nature’s mystical powers of creation come together to make a gem that is unique.

Petits bonheurs - south sea pearl pendant

Petits bonheurs

Golden hues of the South Sea pearl add sparkle to simple treasures, captured in a collection that celebrates the little joys of life.

Voile d'or - south sea pearl ring

Voile d’or

The streaming curvature of sails inspire this light collection with graceful swirls of precious gold where the beauty of pearls set with brilliant diamonds are only the beginning of the journey.

Zen pearl necklace - Jewelmer Joaillerie


Amidst symmetrical ripples, a perfect duality of textures, and evenly spaced circles of light, a golden pearl floats in tranquility – a masterwork of breathtaking simplicity.